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Drabus friction drills are used to create strong threaded connections in steel, stainless steel and aluminium.

The process uses friction and pressure to move the parent material through and form a bushing on the opposite side, this can subsequently be tapped with a forming tap. The advantage of this is elimination of rivet nuts and weld nuts from your production process. Eliminating quality failures due to slipping or missed nuts, and reducing cost and weight per part.

Drabus Tooling

Working Process

DRABUS frictiondrilling technology can be applied in one smooth movement. The process itself can be subdivided in the following steps. The example below describes the process of a type A DRABUS frictiondrill.

Drabus - Product Range

Product Guide

Drabus has two types of finish, “A” which forms a collar on the surface of the material and “B” which incorporates a milling cutter and leaves a flush finish.

We then have the right tool for the material thickness in general this will be Group 11 for form A type and Group 12 for form B type, only with consistently thin material do you need to look at a different group.

The supporting accessories to the friction drill are formtaps, lubricant, tool holders with cooling disks and ER collets for correct clamping

Samples & Applications

Drabus - Automotive Application
Drabus - Bike Application
Drabus - Agriculture Application
Drabus - Metal Furniture Application
Drabus - Handrail Application
Drabus - Solar Application

Drabus was established in 1980, and designs, manufactures and sells friction drills for mass production of threaded connections. 


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